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This is a collection of links to several resources about quantitative macroeconomics and especially real business cycle (RBC) theory on the World-Wide Web. RBC theory is now also commonly refered to as "Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE)" theory, or simply "Dynamic General Equilibrium (DGE)" theory reflecting the recent uses of this methodology.

Apart from links, you will find quite a lot of original material (bibliography, code, etc.) on this site. You are very welcome to contribute to this page or to send me pointers to interesting resources related to QM&RBC. This is an excellent way to advertise your conference or make your work known to the scientific community.

These pages are maintained by Christian Zimmermann from the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

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*NEW Links and items added over the past month. Check at least once a month to keep up to date on new developments14.5.17
*MEANING What is RBC theory? What could RBC also mean? Other fields use this acronym frequently, too. [86 meanings]20.2.08
*VOTE Is the RBC acronym outdated? Should a new one be used? See the results.1.5.00
*DIRECTORY Personal contact information and research interests contributed by quantitative macroeconomists. [307 entries]30.7.13
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*JOBS You have an opening? You are looking for a job?15.11.07
*CENTERS Top departments, institutes and research centers with a special focus on Dynamic General Equilibrium. [monthly
*PAPERS People working on dynamic General Equilibrium, with links to their RePEc profiles listing plenty of papers.refreshed daily
*NEP-DGE A mailing list with announcements about new papers in dynamic general equilibrium theory. Includes also conference calls and contents of some journals.weekly
*BIBLIOGRAPHY A bibliography about stochastic dynamic general equilibrium. [many entries]29.11.07
*JOURNALS Where to find papers? Where to submit? A list of relevant journals with online information. [13 entries]8.10.04
*BOOKS Recent books with online information of interest to quantitative macroeconomists. Also: unpublished books and lecture notes. [30 entries]11.05.05
*DATA Data used or usable for research. Replicate results of others! Go beyond their results! [43 links]29.08.08
*CODES Useful computer code for various platforms and softwares. Do not reinvent the wheel! [many links]25.4.17
*SOFTWARE Various free and commercial softwares, with short descriptions and links to resources. [113 links]3.5.01
*AGENDA Calls for papers and conferences, programs, announcements. How to and where to go. [45 entries]14.5.17
*CMSGThe permanent home of the Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group.
*MISC Unclassifiable in the above pages, but in some way relevant to QM&RBC. [10 entries]9.3.07
*EDIRC Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World, the most complete listing on the web. Includes also economics associations and societies. Now also mirrored at NetEc. [Over 12000 institutions in 230 countries and territories]Continuous
*PRAISE Some of the nice things that have been said about the QM&RBC pages.18.4.00
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