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Well, this is my favorite page. You find here a sample of all the good things people have said about QM&RBC. Email messages have been anonymized to protect the innocents (and their typos...). Keep the encouragement coming at christian.zimmermann@uconn.edu!

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Just a note to say thanks for this web resource. I have only begun to explore it, but the availability of data from papers and other sources looks superb, and I think the links to other resources are excellent also. I'm sure colleagues here will find it of interest, and I'm getting a few grad students to check it out. Merci bien!
A. K., Ireland.

The Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle Home Page, organized by Christian Zimmermann, is a very nice example of what one person can quickly do on the web to make information available to the profession.
Bill Goffe, Resources for Economists on the Internet, Vol. 1, Nr. 10.

A scholarly hint of the future can be found in Christian Zimmermann's " Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle Home Page, where he provides a very extensive and up-to-date bibliography in that field. [...] I would think that everyone in this area will find something of interest here. [...] This is a nice illustration of how the net can be used to support research - it is much more current than any paper publication can possible be. Finally, it has a very complete listing of other single subject sites in economics.
Bill Goffe, Resources for Economists on the Internet, Vol. 1, Nr. 11.

In addition to many well selected links, this site includes a lot of original material. Don't miss this site. You can really learn something here. This guy is providing a true public service to serious economic researchers.
William A. Barnett's Recommendations

I checked out the RBC homepage from the America Online the other day and am delighted to find all the goodies there that are very useful to students such as me doing research in this field and feeling a little bit all-on-my-own with no faculty in our school in this feild. I find the data and code section especially helpful. I have downloaded the HP filter (the Dos version) and am playing with it.
Y. Z., USA

Some of the code that you were linked to was a real revelation to me, especially Ellen McGratten's!
M. W., USA

I applaud your efforts, by the way.
F. K., USA

I am really interested in this amazing on-line server. I am M.A. in economics and want to contact newly developed academical improvement. [...] I send you honors on your efforts.
H. K., Korea

Hi, I was just out surfing the web when I came across your page. It looks great!!
M. F., USA

Congratulations and thanks for the very good job of putting together all this information.
F. P., USA

I wrote to tell you that your compilation has been extrememly useful both as a reference point as well as a source of ideas. It is a fantastic endeavor. I am also in the process of reading your dissertation to get some ideas for my own.
Anonymous, USA

I was thrilled to find that this "RBC page" existed. I hope to contribute to it soon and I know I will refer to it a lot as I work on my thesis. Thanks!
S. G., USA

I just clicked onto your QM&RBC homepage. It's very impressive & informative. Plenty of people are in debt to you.
P. R., USA

I have been wandering through your page for quite a time (Sunday evening) and I must say that you did a wonderful job. Although I knew about some of the resources, some others were absolutely new to me. In any case, your compilation will be very useful in the future, although I could not display or see any of the pictures.
Thanks a lot!

M.A., Spain

Congratulations on QM&RBC - it's very impressive.
C. R., Australia

I think you've done a great job with this page. It's really a valuable resource.
M. E., USA

Congratulations on the really useful job you have been doing.
C. F., Italy

Thanks for your help; also thanks for your efforts in keeping the QM&RBC page going -- I think it's an invaluable resource!
P. S., Australia

I'd appreciate your advice on putting up my own web page. (File this under "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Your page is one of the best around.) [...]
D. L., Canada

Hello! i visit your homepage today and im so hapy to has doing it. [...] and all time i need international economic data that is too difficult to me find this, and now i find your help. [...] i think your page is very useful, clear and funy, im realy enjoy it.
M., Chile

Thank you very much to Mr Zimmerman; this is a very good way to contact with other researchers.
R. M., Spain

Thanks [...] your outstanding work in creating the QM & RBC directory as well as your other www pages.
P. K., Sweden

Your web page seems to be approaching stardom!
V. R., USA

Thank you very much for your time and effort to give people interested in quantitative economics such a useful research tool.
M. R., Spain

Encore félicitations pour ce beau et bon serveur.
D. D., Belgium

First of all, thank you very much for the quality of your pages on RBC.Outstanding work.
J. S., Portugal

A group of us at [our organization] are currently working on a project involving the use of calibrated equilibrium models to assess what is going on in the UK economy. Information and papers gained from this site have proved extremely useful to us in this.
S. M., UK

Your site on the WEB is the among the most useful source of information I ever came across, thank you very much !
C. F., Italy

Your page is superb. Congratulations!
R. C., Chile

[...] I want to repeat here that I am always interessed in these pages and that I appreciate the diversity and relevance of the available information.
Y. A., Switzerland

Its has been a great pleasure browsing your website. Its a treasure chest for us all. Thanks !
M. T., Singapore

I think you've done a great job with this. It's a great service to the profession.
J. D., USA

Your home page is absolutely incredible. My only complaint is that I am now going to end up spending a lot of time looking it!
K. R., USA

Congratulation for this excellent page which is very useful . I must confess that I am making an very frequent use of it.
M. D., UK

I felt I must say thank you.Its just possible that this site might have saved my degree.Please keep up the good work!
C. F., UK

This is a really wonderful resource and you are to be commended for your service to macroeconomics.
P. E., UK

Hi Christian, as one dealing with economic information, for me the highest value of your page is that it is selective, and not just a dumping site for economic related links. [...] Naturally, I already bookmarked QM&RBC and I will try to draw attention to this valuable information resource.
R. G., Mexico

I was very impressed by the number of people reported to have visited your web page (over 13,000), especially since they were able to do this more than a month in the future: according to your page, you are counting the visitors since Dec 14 1997? Anyway, just wanted to let you know how that your page has been a life-saver during this job market process. I use it for the Joe of course, but also for the EDIRC and the connections to miscellaneous web pages. You have really made life a lot easier for grad students.
J. K., USA

One valuable monitor of this ever-expanding literature is provided by Christian Zimmermann's web page.
Robert G. King and Sergio Rebelo, Resuscitating Real Business Cycles, in: Michael Woodford and John Taylor, Handbook of Macroeconomics, forthcoming.

I should use this opportunity to praise your work at QM&RBC, sometimes it is the unique way to researches in periferic countries to keep updated with the new findings on the field, also it is a great way to find people around the world.
R. E., Brazil.

The greatest of all honors is to have a copycat. Well, now there is one (well it has now evolved quite a bit form the original...)!
Isn't all this nice? I am open to criticisms though, do not hesitate to request some improvements! Let productivity shocks happen!


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