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NEP-DGE is a weekly (or almost weekly) mailing list that provides subscribers information about new working papers and articles in the general field of Dynamic General Equilibrium. NEP-DGE is part of a family of mailing lists, New Economics Papers (NEP), that reports weekly on new working papers and articles in many fields (from Sports Economics to Microeconomics, from Network Economics to Labor Economics, etc.). The papers included in these reports are additions to the RePEc database, which currently includes about 600,000 working papers. If you would like to have your papers included in the RePEc database, you may want to look at this file. And to see what is currently available, see IDEAS or EconPapers.

NEP-DGE now also has an experimental blog. Check it out.

And both the blog and the mailing list now also disseminate calls for papers that are relevant to the field.

If you want to subscribe to NEP-DGE, Please got to http://lists.repec.org/mailman/listinfo/nep-dge. You can subscribe for email or RSS delivery. You can also follow NEP-DGE on Twitter. And for a list of the past NEP-DGE reports with links to the papers, see on IDEAS.

As all NEP mailing lists, NEP-DGE will remain free.

And while you are at it, you may want to subscribe to the EconomicDynamics Mailing List as well, following the same procedure.


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