Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the
Canadian Macroeconomics Study Group

Quatorzième rencontre annuelle du
Groupe d'étude canadien en macroéconomique

10 - 11 November 2000
McMaster University

Conference Organizers/Organisateurs:
Alok Johri
, Marc-Andre Letendre and William Scarth
McMaster University

Thursday - Jeudi, November 9  

8:00 - 11:00 PM
Larry's (hotel bar)

Relevant Rooms for the Conference

Paper presentations: Connaught Square

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Coffee Breaks: Ontario Room

Friday - Vendredi, November 10

Coffee and Muffins/Café et muffins  8:00 - 8:45 AM

Session I. 8:45 - 10:15 AM
Chair/Président: Bill Scarth, McMaster University

1. Monetary Policy in an Open Economy Revisited: Price Setting and Exchange Rate Flexibility

M. DEVEREUX, University of British Columbia

C. Engel, University of Washington .

Discussant/Commentateur: M. Boileau, University of Colorado at Boulder

 2. Speculative Attacks with Unpredictable or Unknown Reserves

G. SMITH, Queen's University.

Discussant/Commentateur:B. Paal, Stanford University 

Coffee/Café  10:15 - 10:35 AM

 Session II. 10:35 AM - 12:05 PM
Chair/Président: Kenneth Chan, McMaster University

1. Output Costs, BOP Crises and Interest Rate Policy

A. LAHIRI and C.Vegh, University of California, Los Angeles.

Discussant/Commentateur:B. Lapham, Queen's University 

2. Utility-Based Measures of International Risk Sharing

A. Head, T. MATTINA and G. Smith, Queen's University.

Discussant/Commentateur: S. Ambler, Université du Québec à Montréal

LUNCH/DINER  12:05 - 1:20 PM

 Session III. 1:20 - 3:35 PM

Chair/Président: Gabriel Srour, Bank of Canada

1. Private and Public Circulating Liabilities,

C. Azariadis, University of California, Los Angeles

J. Bullard, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

B. SMITH, University of Texas, Austin.

Discussant/Commentateur:E. Nosal, University of Waterloo/The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

2. Price Setting and Price Dispersion in a Monetary Economy; or The Law of Two Prices

E. Soller-Curtis, Drexel University

R. WRIGHT, University of Pennsylvania

Discussant/Commentateur: A. Head, Queen's University

3. Screening, Bidding and Loan Market Tightness

M. Cao and S. SHI, Queen's University.

Discussant/Commentateur: J. Leach, McMaster University

Coffee/Café  3:35 - 4:00 PM

 Session IV. 4:00 - 5:30 PM
Chair/Président: Alok Johri, McMaster University

1. Learning About Monetary Policy Rules

J. BULLARD, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

K. Mitra, University of York, U.K.

Discussant/Commentateur: J. Yetman, Bank of Canada

2. The Real Interest Rate Gap as an Inflation Indicator

K. NEISS and E. NELSON, Bank of England.

Discussant/Commentateur: S. Van Norden, HEC Montreal. 

Saturday - Samedi, November 11

Coffee and Muffins/Café et muffins  8:00 - 8:45 AM

Session V. 8:45 - 10:15 AM
Chair/Président: Marc-André Letendre, McMaster University

1. Persistent and Transitory Shocks, Learning and Investment Dynamics

B. Moore, Fordham University

H. SCHALLER, Carleton University.

Discussant/Commentateur: A. Maynard, University of Toronto.

2.An Equilibrium Analysis of Information Aggregation in Investment Markets with Discrete Decisions.

P. Beaudry and F. GONZALEZ, University of British Columbia.

Discussant/Commentateur: H. Lloyd-Ellis, University of Toronto/Queen's University

Coffee/Café  10:15 - 10:35 AM

Session VI. 10:35 AM - 12:05 PM
Chair/Président: Paul Klein, University of Western Ontario

1. Portfolio Choice in the Presence of Personal Illiquid Projects

M. Faig,University of Toronto.

P. SHUM, York University.

Discussant/Commentateur:M. Gervais, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

2. Total Wealth, Consumption and Portfolio Shares: Evidence and Theory .

M. Normandin, UQAM

P. ST-AMOUR. HEC Montreal

Discussant/Commentateur: A. Melino, University of Toronto.

LUNCH/DINER  12:05 - 1:20 PM

 Session VII. 1:20 - 3:35 PM
Chair/Président: Brian Krauth, Simon Fraser University

1. The Economics of Labor Adjustment: Minding the GAP

R. COOPER and J. WILLIS, Boston University.

Discussant/Commentateur: Chris Ragan, McGill University

2.Asset Accumulation and Short Term Employment

M. Browning, University of Copenhagen

T. CROSSLEY, Australian National University.

E. Smith, University of Essex.

Discussant/Commentateur: A. Bowlus, University of Western Ontario

3. Can Shirking Efficiency Wages Explain the Presence of Persistent Inter-Industry Wage Differentials?

M. ALEXOPOLOUS, University of Toronto,

Discussant/Commentateur: S. Jones, McMaster University

Coffee/Café  3:35 - 4:00 PM

Session VIII. 4:00 - 5:30 PM
Chair/Président: David Johnson, Wilfrid Laurier University

1. Can Human Capital Theory Explain the Distribution of Earnings and Income?

D. ANDOLFATTO, University of Waterloo/Simon Fraser University.

C. Ferral, Queen's University

P. Gomme, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Discussant/Commentateur: Rui Castro, Université de Montréal

2. Persistence.

Y. Chang, J. Gomes University of Pennsylvania

Frank SCHORFHEIDE, The Wharton School.

Discussant/Commentateur: C. Zimmermann, Université du Québec à Montréal

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